Even with the emergence of more recent forms of marine research technology, the ocean continues to be an environment of fantasy and speculation; the creatures at the deepest depths discovered are often strikingly akin to the sea monsters of our popular culture. And still, new species are discovered as the last frontiers of the unknown of this planet are mapped and explored. For many centuries now explorers have shared upon their return their experiences of the unknown waters, experiences both alien and fantastic. Sometimes they do not return and are lost to the unfathomable depths. 1934, William Beebe and Otis Barton where the first to submerge to 3028 feet in a sphere suspended from a boat above. From the small windows of their ship, the Bathysphere, they observed the natural habitat of the deep ocean.

Most of the species found in the deepest abyss are mysterious and bizarre creatures that have developed the ability to survive where “life” was once thought impossible - fascinating, monstrous specimens of bioluminescence, aquatic colonies sharing the same form, living fossils, and so on.