Hootenanny 2012 

There is some sort of celebration outside. As we see the commotion from inside the room, a bird creature crawls in through the window. It stumbles about, curiously squishes itself around the space until it is lured back out.
Miscreants 2012

A work in progress. Based on research from Baie Ste. Marie Artist Residency in Nova Scotia.

Mothman 2012 

A work in progress based on the stories of The Mothman. Research was collected at 8550 OHIO (Harold Arts) Residency, about an hour away from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the home of The Mothman.

The Big Haul 2011

A short film about floating a shed from the docks of McIvers to the shores of Meadows, Newfoundland. Filmed and edited in collaboration with Colette Urban, Shannon Griffiths, and Conan Masterson at Full Tilt Creative Centre.

Sea Monster 2011

A day at the beach at Full Tilt Artist Residency in Newfoundland.