Sea Dab Jig, 2011

In the gallery at Full Tilt Creative Centre, a swarm of small jellyfish hover in the air as a projection of waves slide along the tentacles making them glisten and appear to sway. With the use of blinking lights inside the jellyfish and a low lit gallery, the illusion that the sculptures are pulsating plays with viewers’ perception of the space. The constructed forms are integrated into an environment where they are animated into a creature. Multiplied hundreds of times, the jellyfish no longer are curious constructions, but unnerving and uncanny masses. Knowing they cannot sting becomes lost as viewers plunge into the dark and the tentacles brush against their skin. Suspended jellyfish act as critical operators that shift the floor of the gallery into the sea floor. The installation is titled Sea Dab Jig, sea-dab is an old Newfoundland term for jellyfish.